Gamer Movie Review: Demon Hunters 2: Dead Camper Lake

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Film: Demon Hunters 2: Dead Camper Lake
Year: 2004
Production Company: Dead Gentlemen
Writer: Matt Vancil
Director: Don Early
Staring: Steve Wolbrecht, Nathan Rice, and Don Early

I eagerly awaited my signed copy of Demon Hunters 2 in the mail. It arrived on time and signed by one of the Dead Gentlemen as promised (Thanks Steve Wolbrecht!). After a few false starts (see previous review) I watched the first Demon Hunters film. I was not what you would call pleasantly surprised. Frankly I was actually disappointed. I wasn't expecting much from the first film, but I was expecting more than I got. Suddenly my desire to see Demon Hunters 2 had vanished. I decided to wait and forgot all about the DVD for about a week. But I was reorganizing (cleaning my god awful mess) when I came across the DVD. I decided to put it in while I was cleaning in an attempt to distract me from my work.

It worked a little too well.

Before I knew it I was doing much more movie watching than cleaning. I was pleasantly surprised, though my girlfriend was not when she saw the place was still a disaster.

This film is much improved over its predecessor on nearly all fronts. Let me give you an idea of the plot.

Gabriel and Chris escape what is left of Pacific Northwest University and head for Dead Camper Lake. A "Border Town" as Gabriel calls it, Dead Camper Lake lies on the border between Earth and Hell. Though they go there seeking refuge they get caught up in an adventure where the fate of the very world is at stake. Purple Ninjas, Christmas Trees, and Miracle Whip Mayonnaise all put in an appearance. The result being that general hilarity ensues.

The sets for the film aren't all that much better than the first Demon Hunters film. That is to say, once again the Dead Gentlemen had to take what they could get and use what was available. In the first film that meant Pacific Northwest University and in this film it meant a campground. Being that this movie, like its predecessor, was made on little to no budget the sets pretty much fit in with the feel of the rest of the film.

The acting is improved somewhat over the first film. Nathan Rice, who plays Gabriel, really carries this film. He has talent, that is obvious from the moment he appears on screen. Steve Wolbrecht does well in his role as the somewhat pathetic everyman character, Chris. Wolbrecht even has an unexpected musical number during the film when he performs "The Demon Hunter Blues." The song is funny and at the same time does a great job of recapping the plot of the first two movies.

Don Early resumes his role as Silent Jim, but his biggest contribution to the film is as Director. The direction of the film is vastly superior to the first film. I know DG plans on making a third Demon Hunters film and if they do I hope to see Early at the helm.

Now I did like this film, but it was far from perfect. Some of the acting in this film is downright terrible. Mostly I'm talking about Chris Duppenthaler who plays Gabriel's rival Ichabod. As far as I know this was his first film, however, and he improves greatly in each subsequent film he is in.

In addition to some sub par acting the cliffhanger like ending stinks for any fan of the series as the film was released in 2004 and though there are plans for a sequel no ground has been broken on the project as of yet.

Overall Rating: 6/10 - A giant step up from the first Demon Hunters film!

I really look forward to the third Demon Hunters film. Now that the Dead Gentlemen are an established troupe with a committed cult following I think a third film could far exceed anything they could have hoped to accomplish when they filmed the first Demon Hunters film.

For your viewing pleasure here is the song "Demon Hunter Blues" by Steve Wolbrecht!

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