Frank Frazetta Conan Painting Sells for 1.5 Million

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The late great Frank Frazetta created many visually astounding works of art and recently one has sold for an equally astounding amount.  The New York times recently reported that one of his Conan Paintins (see below) sold for a whopping 1.5 million dollars. 

Hey, if I was an eccentric billionaire, I'd have probably forked up this much cash to own the original.  I'm sure it would make a real statment in my living room.

...And drive my wife crazy.


Final Campaign Map

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After much work, and much procrastination, I finally finished my campaign map for Caliburn.  I started back in march and though I took several breaks, including those to create an Ethnic and Religious version of the map, I have been working on this one periodically over the last several months.  I'm happy with the end result and feel it is my best work to date. 

Feedback is always welcome, so have at it.

More 'A Game of Thrones' Casting

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We're a little behind here but here is some casting news.

Finn Jones will play the Knight of Flowers, Ser Loras Tyrell

Roy Dotrice, the narrator of the audiobook has been cast to play Grand Maester Pycelle

Finally Kristian Narin has been tapped to play Hodor.  He is huge, 6'10 to be exact, so he should make a great Hodor.