Going for the Gold

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One of the Blogs I've discovered recently is the RPG Blog II. It's a great general RPG blog and if you haven't checked it out I highly recommend that you do. The owner of the blog, Zachary, is a big supporter of the internet series Gold. I had never heard of it before and am indebted to him and his blog informing me.

Gold is a web based series much like The Guild (and if you haven't seen that either you should check that out as well) except that Gold is about table top RPG players. Well... not just any RPG players these guys are Olympic level RPG players who compete internationally for the gold medal. I could give you a more detailed description but I'd rather show you the trailer...

Personally, I really enjoyed season one. Overall Gold is hilarious show dedicated to the hobby and all gamers should check it out. Head over there, and if you like what you see click on their donate button and do what you can to make sure you get to see more!

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