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There are some pretty great gamer related videos online. Here are some of the best I've come across, in no particular order.

1. D&D Choices

This was a submission for the D&D film contest a few years ago. It really should have won. This video is a live action version of the old D&D cartoon from the 80s, but with a more serious tone than the carefree children's cartoon ever took. Enjoy!

2. D&D Cartoon Intro

Speaking of the D&D cartoon here is the intro from that. I know it's kind of silly, but I loved that show as a kid.

3. Legend of Drizzt

This is a fan made video centering around R. A. Salvatore's much beloved character Drizzt Do'Urden. This was obviously a labor of love for the creators.

4. The Dead Ale Wives meet 8-bit Theater

The Dead Ale Wives, a comedy troupe from the 80s and 90s became gamer legends when they did this "warning" to parents about the deadly game DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS. Combine that with the graphics from the original Final Fantasy game made popular once again by the 8-bit theater online comic and you have a winning video.

5. Dorkness Rising Teaser Trailer

Those of you who read my review of Dorkness Rising know who much I love it. While I was (im)patiently waiting for the film with many others the Dead Gentlemen released this teaser trailer that has NOTHING to do with the film. It is still a very funny parody of the Lord of the Rings and more than worthy of being included on this list.

6. Knights of the Dinner Table Animation

I love the Knights of the Dinner table comic. Here is an animated video featuring all your favoites from the knights. The people that did this video did several others including animiating the now famous Gazzebo strip. See them all here.

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