Hackmaster Basic Player Aids

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Continuing our support of Hackmaster Basic here are some great aids for players.

The Official Character Sheet - This is the official character sheet by Kenzerco. It has everything you need.

PDF Character Sheet - This is an editable version of the above character sheet.

Character Creation Worksheet - This was made by Topher from the Kenzerco Hackmaster Boards. I don't know him personally but I don't think if anyone outside the creators of the game are as knowledgeable when it comes to all things Hackmaster. This worksheet is amazing and really speeds character creation. If it is your first time making a character do yourself a favor and print out a copy.

Character Class Cheat Sheet - This sheet sumarizes everything you need to know when selecting a class from what free skills you get to what hit die you get to roll. Very handy at character creation.

Dice Cradle Reference Sheet - This is the reference sheet I keep in my Dice Cradle. Along with the copy of Gary Gygax's signature there is a list of special combat moves and a summary of what each does. It really helps... especially at 2am.

Hackmaster Skill List - This is a list of all the skills in HMB, what their associated ability is, whether they are universal or not, and their BP cost.

Hackmaster Basic Index - This index was originally intended to be in the back of the book, but it didn't make it in. Print it out and keep it in the back of your book to save yourself some time.

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