Pathfinder PDF Delayed

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The Pathfinder core book PDF has been delayed a few hours by Paizo. The product which was supposed to originally be available at 1:00pm EST has been pushed back to 3:00pm EST. This is no doubt to prepare their website for the massive barrage of Internet traffic that will befall them as soon as the product becomes available.

To help decreased traffic Paizo has disabled their message boards, and asks that anyone who can wait until Friday to purchase their book does so. How big will PDF sales be? That is an excellent question that I can't wait to find out the answer to.

PDFs have become very popular with the roleplaying community, particularly in the last few years. Many gamers were outraged when Wizard of the Coast announced that they would cease selling any and all PDFs of their products. Their decision hit sites like DriveThuRPG, who specialize in PDF sales, hard. Paizo has gone in the other direction by making their Pathfinder Core book available on PDF though out development. Both the Alpha and Beta were available on PDF for free and the core game will be available on PDF shortly for $9.99. The demand from the gaming community is obviously there and Paizo is filling it wholeheartedly.

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