Diary of a Gamer 10/08/09

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It's the end of Hackmaster Basic as we know it. At least for my group. Last night the campaign came crumbling down around our ears. I'll get into details later, but let's just say it was a slight disaster that claimed the lives of five characters... for three players. So it looks like we will be starting the Pathfinder game a little earlier than we thought.

My opinion of Hackmaster Basic is extremely high. I remain greatly impressed with the system and eagerly await the release for Advanced Hackmaster. But for now, we turn our attention to Paizo's recently released Pathfinder RPG. I have some concerns about the system, but you really never know until you play the game.

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Sure, hook us then yank the series.

Pathfinder is just 3.5 with lipstick.
Cheap and tawdry. You will hate yourself in the morning.

How did HMb crash and burn so fast?

October 9, 2009 at 7:59 AM

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