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There are a ton of Sci-Fi games out there. Gamers love Sci-Fi, even those who choose not to play within the Genre. Whether you play Sci-Fi games or not there is a ton of inspiration to be drawn from the very best films the genre has to offer. Often the technology element in the story can be substituted for magic when playing in a fantasy game, making the transition easier than most people think.

So without further fanfare here is the list...


10. Back to the Future – Time travel is so rarely done well, but Back to the Future really hits a home run with it. The first one is great, but as happens so often, the subsequent films are not quite as good. Still, the whole trilogy is worth watching.

9. The Thing – Great setup for a film. This film is full of tension, as no one knows who has been taken over by the alien. One of Kurt Russell’s best.

8. Alien - Alien and Aliens are great. I try not to hold them responsible for Aliens 3, or anything AVP related.

7. Predator – Well if we couldn’t fit Conan in I’m glad we at least worked Arnold in! The Predator was a great film but those that came after it (Including the God awful AVP films) are not so good.

6. Blade Runner – Harrison Ford will always be known as Han Solo and Indian Jones, but if there is third thing he should be known for it is his role as Rick Deckard in Bladerunner. This movie is a must see for any Sci-Fi fan.

5. Terminator – Terminator 1 and 2 are great. The third film was bad (see below), but it wasn’t enough to ruin the franchise. Thus Arnold makes another well deserved appearance on our list.
4. The Matrix – Before you get on me about this one know that I am only talking about the first one. If you can think back to a time when it was the only one I am sure that you too loved this movie.

3. Star Trek – Whichever is your preference, I prefer the original. Star Trek has become a massive franchise, spanning television, movies, toys, and of course RPGs. Star Trek’s influence on pop culture and the Sci-Fi genre cannot be denied.

2. Serenity/Firefly – Yes, I put it higher than Star Trek. Let me have it, if you want, but I’m not changing it. Yes, I know I put Firefly on the Western list as well. No, I’m not changing that either. Color my coat brown, people. Serenity and Firefly are truly amazing works of art. If we have seen the last of it (God I hope not) then let me go on record as saying that Joss Whedon and Company did more with fourteen episodes and a movie than some people could do with three blockbuster films and endless resources (Yeah, I’m looking at you George Lucas). Margaret Weis Productions released a Serenity RPG in 2005. Those of you who love Serenity/Firefly are encouraged to check it out.

1. Star Wars – Ok now that I’ve ripped GL over his recent work let me talk briefly about why his older work earns the number one spot. Star Wars came from no where to have a huge impact on popular culture and the sci-fi genre. Then it did more. It has permeated our culture so much that its influence has spanned well beyond just inspiring science fiction. Star Wars is one of those timeless classics that nearly everyone has seen, and confessions of having not seen it are met with justified incredulity. As with Star Trek, Star Wars is a massive franchise now. Movies, television, books, and toys have been around for a long time. It has a long tradition of video games, the more recent Knight of the Old Republic series being extremely good. Let’s not forget the pen and paper RPGs as well. Star Wars ignites the imagination like few other things can, and it is only natural that gamers would be drawn to it.

Skip It
Predator 2
Terminator 3
The Matrix 2&3

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Totally agree about Firefly, an awesome show if there ever was one.

October 7, 2009 at 12:28 AM

You know, I actually liked Predator 2 a lot. And I still haven't seen the original!!

And AvP was a lot of fun, if not a great movie.

October 7, 2009 at 7:43 AM

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