If Gamers Ruled the World

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 One thing that I don't believe I've ever mentioned on this site is that I am getting married in the near future. (Let the Doomsday jokes commence!) I only mention it now because it is an important fact that leads to an amusing story.

I'm not as opinion-less a Groom as are many of my friends. I have worked with my fiancée on our wedding and have made all the decisions together, at least until recently. One decision had us both digging our heels in, the photographer. We interviewed several photographers and each of us found one that we really liked.

That was in July.

Just when we were both ready to give up on having any photographer for our wedding my Gamer side kicked in. If there was a dispute there was only one way to settle it: Roll for it! I proposed the idea, mostly as a joke. My Fiancée isn't a Gamer, and only has a rudimentary idea of what it is I do every week. Yet to my surprise she thought it was a great idea! I fetched 2d6 for each of us and we rolled it out like an old school Heroclix debate.

It got me thinking... what if Gamers ruled the world? Maybe we would all roll out our disputes like civilized people.

Who won? Do you even need to ask?

This Guy.


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Now pick her choice and you get to level up in the game of marriage.

October 25, 2009 at 7:50 PM

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