Knights of the Dinner Table

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For those of you who don't know I Love Knights of the Dinner Table (KoDT). It is the only comic book that I still buy, and the only subscription I have to any magazine. With Dragon and Dungeon both gone, it never ceases to impress me how KoDT continues to thrive.

Recently I planned on doing a review of each issue here. The reason you haven't seen one is that I haven't seen KoDT as of late. I never got my July issue, ironically the first one I chose to review. I figured it was on its way, the mail can be really slow around here, so I gave it time. I never got my July issue, but the other day I did get my August issue.

Since I was fairly sure I wasn't ever likley to get it I called Kenzerco and let them know. Now, as anyone who reads this blog knows, I have a lot of respect for Kenzerco. I have been buying their products for years and I like what they do. KoDT, Hackmaster, Aces & Eights, they are all great products. I knew their work was good, but I wasn't sure about their customer service. I was pleased to find that their phone workers are friendly and helpful. They explained that it was no problem and that if I would send them an email confirmation they would get my issue out right away in the mail.

That was yesterday so obviously I don't have my issue yet. So no review, but like my July issue it is coming! This post was more about giving Kenzerco props on handing their business on all fronts, and letting you know that regualr KoDT reviews will be seen on this site in the near future.

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