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Kenzerco is now taking Pre-Orders for Frandor's Keep!  For those who don't know Frandor's Keep is the Hackmaster version of Keep on the Borderlands.  The original, written by the Late Great Gary Gygax himself, is considered by many to be the greatest module of all time.

Kenzerco originally published Frandor's Keep for 4th Edition in an adventure suppliment called Little Keep on the Borderlands.  Little Keep did a great job of staying true to the original while adding material of its own, including their Beneath the Little Keep addon.

The Hackmaster Basic edition is full of promise.  According to Kenzerco's website the 144 page black and white book contains...

  • 144 pages of useful information, NPC profiles and portraits, maps, artwork, random and planned adventure opportunities, and more
  • Enough adventure opportunities of every type (city, wilderness and dungeon) to raise characters from 1st to 5th level
  • Complete information on Frandor’s Keep, including details on every building and notable NPC personality
  • Over 100 pieces of rumors and information designed to make the Keep come alive as NPCs move about, interact and inadvertently provide tips to players clever enough to pay attention
  • Thorough details on the surrounding area and its inhabitants, including every waystation, watch tower and the lawless Quarrytown
  • An entire appendix of new rules, including equipment, disease, quirks, flaws, poison, and a new monster
  • A comprehensive overview of Frandor’s history and how the Great Exploratory Boom of years past made it what it is today
To sweaten the pot they have announced that the first 50 copies preordered will be signed by the Hackmaster Basic Development team!  So get your Pre-Orders in now!  The release date for Frandor's Keep is set for March 1st 2010.

I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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