Hackmaster Basic now Available in PDF!

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Though based on my last post at one of our readers doesn't enjoy his PDF products, I thought I would let anyone who does know that Hackmaster Basic is now available in PDF!  The asking price is 14.99 for the PDF which is a $5.00 savings over the 19.99 charged for the physical book.  For those who want to get both at the same time Kenzer has a deal for you as well.  You can purchase both the physical copy and the electonic copy for $29.99 which is $5.00 less than purchasing them seperatley. 

Do I personally think that if you purchase the book you should get the PDF copy for free?  Sure!  But that isn't very capitalist, nor very likely so head on over and pick up for PDF copy today! 

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hehehe! Down with PDF! Bring me dead trees!

January 23, 2010 at 4:55 PM

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