A Level of the Husband Prestige Class!

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I apologize for my slight hiatus as of late.  The wedding was this past weekend and things have been crazy kinds of busy.  The wedding itself was great!  Almost all of my and my wife's (wow, weird!) family and friends were in attendance.  Table 10 was made up entirely of my Gaming group and their significant others.  It really made me think how far things have come.  As shortly as a year or two ago I still hadn't told my then girlfriend that I gamed at all. My group seemed to think that 10 years was a long time to break the news about something like that, but I'd like to think I was just pacing myself.  

To the left is a picture of my very own "One Ring."  Overall it is a terrible disappointment.  Despite massive effort I haven't been able to use it to cover all the lands in darkness.

Oh well. 

I should be able to get back to a normal schedule (or as normal as things get around here) soon enough.  I plan on resuming work on my Caliburn game soon so you'll likely see more information on that in the near future. 

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