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Redid some more of the shields.  First have a look at the original versions....

Again, those shields were made with this online program which I highly recommend.  But as I said, since I wanted them to look a bit more unique and have a bit more detail I am redoing them.  So here are the new versions of those three...

As you can see these "lesser" houses have shields with split colored fields.  Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of them.  I spent less time on these and feel they are less "cool," but I still am generally happy with them. 

Other than shields I've been developing the various religions.   Basically the two main religions found in Caliburn are Druidism, more or less what you would assume it to be, and Seraphism, which is a blend of real world religions specifically the Abrahamic religions and Hinduism.  Seraphism is the "new religion" that was brought over by foreigners while Drudism originated in Caliburn.  Slowly, over the last thousand years or so, Seraphism has spread thoughout Caliburn until now it is actually the dominant religion.

That is a general overview, that I all worked out for the Basic game.  Now I'm into specifics, religious orders to be exact.  The first order I've created has its roots in the real world, The Illuminati.  My Illuminati are not a secret world controlling order of conspiracy theorists.  Rather they are a Seraphist religious order who study the world around them in order to gain enlightenment which they believe brings them closer to God.  This order is similar in ways to GRRM's Maesters of Westeros.  Unlike Maesters however, the Illuminati are a religous order, bound for better or worse, to the Church.  Because it is exceptionally rare for a priest to have any magical power to speak of in Lothian, the Illuminati must rely of real world knowlege and wisdom in their doings.

Anyway that is an overview, I'll add more later.  Here is the Illuminati "Logo," if you will.  Like the shields this was done in photoshop. 

That's all for now.  Again, please feel free to to leave feedback on what you think.  This game is work in progress so feedback always helps!

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