GaryCon This Weekend

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GaryCon 2010 will be taking place this weekend.  Every year I lament that I can't go to various convention and though I hope this is the year I finally break the GenCon barrier I know that GaryCon isn't going to happen for me. 

Though I'll be missing out others will be attending what is by all accounts one of the best weekends of gaming available.  Dave Kenzer has said that his team plans on running three to six Hackmaster Basic and Hackmaster Advanced games. 


Well maybe next year.  But those of you who are going this year I encourage you to pounce on a Golden Opportunity to play Hackmaster Advanced... and then tell me all about it!  Yes that's right, I am serious.  If you come back from GaryCon with a cool story and/or info on Hackmaster Advanced I invite you to email me and fill me in.  Maybe it will make me less disappointed at missing out. 

Safe trip to those heading out!

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