More Frandor's Keep Support

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Support continues on Kenzerco's recently released Frandor's Keep.  Check out these overhead maps supplied by Jolly.

This first shot is of the view from Reylfor's tower.  It gives some great detail that you just don't get from the overhead maps.

This map here is of the middle bailey.  It's a great aid to give your players as they are exploring this section of the keep. 

The guys over at Kenzerco were also nice enough to supply high res versions of these that can be downloaded.  Here is the tower view and here is the middle bailey map.  More great aids for what is already an amazing product.  As I said in my review of Frandor's Keep, I highly recommend this product and it will only get better as more and more supporting content is released.  I'll keep you informed as more updates become available.

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