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Dark Sword Miniatures is back at it with some more great ones.  The detail on these is as staggering as ever, and they continue to capture the feel of Martin's ASIF.

First up is Eddard Stark.  He is carrying his Valyrian steel great sword Ice and looking as somber as ever.  The second picture really shows the amount of details on his face.  My compliments to Tom Meier who sculpted this piece.

Next up is Shea, notice she is wearing the Hand's chain of office. 

The chain of office underwent several revisions.  Here is a view of the final version.  Shea was also sculpted by Tom Meier.

Again by Tom is Samwell Tarly, the portly man of the Night's Watch.  Sam The Slayer is shown carrying his Dragonglass dagger which he used to slay an other and claim in nickname.

Finally a new piece by Jeff Grace, Euron Greyjoy Crowseye is depicted with his deadly horn here.

A second version, depicted here, shows Greyjoy with a bag of gold in place of his magic horn.

Again you should check out other angles of these excellent minis as well as some of their past works at Dark Sword's website.

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