Professor Obsecure Saves GenCon

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Yesterday event registration opened for GenCon.  This posed a problem as I was quite busy.  Sundays are sports days for me and I leave early in the morning for football, continue right on to softball, basketball, and then ultimate frisbee.  This means that I usually don't get home until about 9pm, well after most of the tickets for great events are all taken up.  Other members of my group were similarly engaged, Revil was with me playing sports, ManOnFunTrip is in the air national guard and had drill this weekend, and AngryBear had to work. 

All this could have spelled disaster but the Professor stepped up and saved GenCon for our group, for which we are all grateful.  Perhaps we are doubly so as this is, for all of us, our first GenCon experience and, for all but one of us, our first gaming convention ever.  In short, this is a very important event for all of us.  We are very excited and didn't want anything to ruin it.  Thankfully nothing did.

Though we didn't get into the Convention's only Aces & Eights game (that's right, as of right now there is only ONE) we did get into some other great events including the two we were most excited about.

The first, probably to no one's surprise, is True Dungeon.  We have heard about it, seen pictures, and videos for years and always dreamed of going, and now that dreams will be coming to fruition in August.  We were fortunate enough to all get into the same dungeon run, despite a number of problems with the checkout system.  The other event we are all very excited about is an original I6 Ravenloft game.  Regulars on this site know how much I love the original Ravenloft, it is probably the greatest adventure of all time.  Though I have run it, I have never gotten a chance to play it.  Now I finally get to do so along with all the other members of my group.  I can't wait.

Aside from those we are playing the Castle of the Mad Archmage, and a Pathfinder game called Shadows Fall on Absalom.  Aside from those we signed up for a few seminars, including the one held by the fellas over at Gnom Stew.  We had been warned from a number of sources not to sign up for too many events so we left plenty of time to walk around and check things out.  Additionally we are still hopeful that there will be come Hackmaster events (that's right, as of right now there are ZERO Hackmaster games) so we are leaving time open in the hopes that there will be some.

I have great hopes for this trip, and my excitement is only likely to build in the coming months.  August can't get here fast enough! 

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