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I've done a couple of copies of the Caliburn map to show religious affiliation throughout the continent in much the same way that the previous map showed ansestry

Originally this map showed three religions but as Constelanity, the religion of the Nordish people, is found in such small pockets throughout Northern Caliburn I didn't think it was worth displaying on this map.  Rather I focused on the two main religions, Druidism (a sort of Pagan tradition that was the original religion of Caliburn) and Seraphism (sort of a blend of several real world religions that has taken hold in most of Caliburn).  The conflict between the two religions is a central plot running throughout the setting.  The Old Ways are slowly but steadily being beaten back by the New Religion, and soon there may be nothing left for the supporters of the Old Ways to save.  I think you can get a sense of that when you look at the map.  The red has eaten away at most on the continent starting in the east where it was first introduced.  Now even parts of the far west are falling under its influence.

Now if I could just finish the regular map.  I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

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