The New Daenerys Targaryen

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As I mentioned before Tamzin Merchant is no longer a part of HBOs A Game of Thrones.  Though I thought she was well suited to the part, and even GRRM himself said she did a wonderful job in the pilot, the part of Daenerys was recast

To whom you ask?

Emilia Clarke.

To whom you ask?

Yeah... I don't know her either.  She hasn't done much, as she has only recently graduated from Drama Centre London.  Though she is a relative unknown I'm taking it on faith that she will be great in the role.  GRRM himself sees the audition tapes and said she had some great readings.  The part of Daenerys is so important that I don't think they would cast someone unless they were 100% sure they will be great in the role. 

I still kinda what happened with Merchant though...

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