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Kenzerco is now accepting Pre-Orders on the first part of AHM, the Hacklopedia of Beasts.  Though the physical book won't be out until sometime in the spring, anyone who pre-orders the book will immediately be able to download a PDF copy to hold them over.  Those who spring for the early version need not worry that their PDF will be anything less than a complete version of the book.  Any changes, additions, or alterations to PDF will be made available via subsequent download at no additional cost. 

This product is expensive, but the quality of the book really makes it worth it in my opinion.  Those who have the hardcover Aces & Eights have an idea of the kind of quality I'm talking about.  The print version of the book will be a full color, leather bound hardcover book 384 pages long.  I can't wait to get my hands on the real book, but until then I love being able to have a PDF copy to tide me over. 

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KenzerCo is a friggin' genius in the way they marketed this book. Think about it. Pre-orders not only help determine how popular the book will be for future sales, but for players to download the "beta" copy will allow readers to comment, point out errors, ask for clarification on several points, etc. I suspect when the final book is printed it will the least errata'd RPG rulebook in . . . well, the history of RPG publishing.

November 3, 2010 at 2:24 AM

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