Dragon Age Series Starring Felcia Day

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Dragon Age was a great game with a great setting.  It produced a couple of great videos that caused us here at the Labyrinth to question why couldn't the D&D movie have been that good? Well now they be showing us once again what they can do on film by creating a web based miniseries written and starring Felicia Day.  Day, known for her work on the amazing web series, The Guild, will be bringing a lot to the table on this project, not the least of which is her passion for video games, and her familiarity with Dragon Age in particular. 

Oh, and she stars as a hot Elven Assassin. 

I'm in! 

The miniseries will be called Dragon Age Redemption and will air sometime later this year.  

This is a great move by Bioware in my opinion.  Felicia Day has a great reputation among games for more than just her good looks.  She brings a very real passion to her projects.  Add to that her web series cred from the Guild and you have a built in winner.  This will really grow Dragon Age's reputation and will certainly bring in new fans to the series.  
Since Dragon Age II is set to be released in March my only guess is that we will see the web series release coincide with the first expansion.

I'm pretty excited, but it also gets me thinking...  With great online series like The Guild, JourneyQuest, Gold, and now Dragon Age Redemption is it just me or are good online shows starting to outnumber good shows on traditional television?

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I thought she looked familiar! Yes, the Guild, funny show. Would it not be cool to see that grabbed by a network and taken to prime time tv

February 15, 2011 at 3:44 PM

Sadly I fear no prime time TV executive will be brave enough to do this. Even so, with the internet covering the whole world create such a massive audience does that really matter? I dare say actual viwing numbers wouldn't change hugely if it went to TV.

February 16, 2011 at 6:39 AM

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