KenzerCo raising Price of Knights of the Dinner Table

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After six years Kenzerco has been forced to raise the price of their much loved comic series Knights of the Diner Table.  Based on the small writeup on their website it seems that they are uncomfortable with this price increase, but have been backed into a corner financially and forced to if the magazine is to continue.  Because Kenzerco, like many business thrives on repeat customers, or in their case subscribers, they are offering a chance to lock in the currant price for anyone who picks up or extends a subscription prior to March 1. 

I don't think this is going to cost Kenzerco much business.  Price increases are inevitable.  Yes a dollar an issue is kind of a big jump, but there hasn't been a price increase in six years.  In the end I think the dedicated fans Jolly and the rest have built up over the years are willing to pay more to see their beloved magazine, one that has outlived both Dragon and Dungeon magazines, survive. 

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I'd much rather they keep the price the same but cut most of the non-comic content. 80% of the articles are just crap.

February 25, 2011 at 1:24 PM

There are a number of articles I could do without (everything by Mur Lafferty comes to mind), but this is kind of the last gaming magazine. I appreciate the fact that they still have gaming articles.

I think that Kenzerco is kind of in a tough place because of the splintering of the hobby. They used to support d20 (D&D 3e, etc) and sprinkle in some support for their own games (Hackmaster & Aces and Eights), but now with so many people playing so many different games it has forced them to publish a lot of "system-less" articles. These articles tend to speak in very general terms and lack a lot of specifics. In my experience the more generic an article is the less useful it is, so I am not a fan of this trend.

I am still a fan on KoDT though. I'm in for the long haul and already extended my subscription, taking advantage of their offer to re-up at the old price.

February 25, 2011 at 5:39 PM

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