Saturday Links: The "Raistlin Majere was healthy" Edition

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I've always found Statistics to be fun... Well as they pertain to fun things like Sports and Gaming anyway.  You find out some very fascinating things when examining stats in gaming.  That is why this week's links are all about the numbers!

The Jovial Priest looks asserts that an ability score of 3 is unplayable.  In fact, he feels that most people aren't able to conceptualize what a 3 would really mean.  He takes a look at famous twin brothers Raistlin and Caramon as an example.  Most people feel that Raist's CON score was a 3 and Caramon's INT, while probably not a 3, was still very low.  The reality may surprise you.

Matthew Neagley over at Gnome Stew has a great primer on probability for beginners. 

This link examines the ramifications of substituting all d20 rolls in D&D with 3d6.

Highprogrammer has an entire page dedicated to weapon damage graphs. 

Kevin Sullivan has a page dedicated to looking at stats in D&D such as opposed skill rolls and character attributes.  He also has a great great chart plotting ability score probabilities.

Prestonpoulter has a great graph comparing a number of different ability score generation methods which can be seen below.  

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