Co-Op Classics Takes a Look Back at Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance

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Co-Optimus, the best (and sadly one of the few) sites dedicated to cooperative video games takes a look back from time to time at classic Cooperative games of the past.  In honor of the newest upcoming Dungeons & Dragons video games, Daggerdale, Co-Optimus takes an opportunity to remember Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance

The retro-review was pretty favorable.  The writer remembers both the first Dark Alliance and it's sequel fondly, particularly for it's co-op mode.  I admit myself not overly fond of Dark Alliance.  I saw it as a Diablo Clone, and not a particularly good one.  Still, I had fun playing it with friends.  As these D&D beaters went I thought Dungeons & Dragons Heroes was better.  It allowed for four player action rather than just the two allowed in Dark Alliance, something not to be sneezed at. 

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