2011 Custom Map Giveaway: The Winning Map

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We recently finished the 2011 Custom Map Giveaway map won by  Greg Christopher over at Errant RPG.  I was going to post the map here, but given that he posted it and has some details on the product that it will be featured in, I thought it would be a much better idea just to send you there to see it

The working concept for the map was a valley similar to Yosemite valley, but on a larger scale.  The western half has been settled, but the eastern half is largely untamed.  Greg was a lot of fun to work with and has cemented our resolve to do more giveaways in the future.  So if you need a map stay tuned, because in addition to our Free Monday Maps, we will be giving away other custom made maps in the future!

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FYI, I have been doing some labeling work. A higher res version of the map, with labels, will likely go up on the blog within the next week or so.

I am glad I was fun to work with. I have heard some horror stories of art direction in my time, so I tried to actually have faith in your abilities and give you a minimalist frame within which to design.

April 20, 2011 at 9:51 AM

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