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What does a Lawful Good Elven Cleric smell like?  Now you can find out with the RPG series by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.  It isn't just a perfume in a normal sense.  Rather than just getting a bottle of a single sent, you built your sent just like you built an RPG character. 

In most pen and paper fantasy RPGs, three of the primary attributes that you must choose for your character are race, class, and alignment. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s RPG scent series was designed to emulate the character creation process, and are meant to be layered in order to create a character concept. In short: you layer your class, race, and the two fragrances that compose your alignment to construct your character scent. RPGs in all their myriad forms – CRPGs, MMOs, and old school pen and paper – have brought me immeasurable joy. This is my homage. This series is dedicated to my first DMs – my parents – for laughing off the nutter-perpetuated AD&D Satan Scare of the 80's. Thanks for taking the time to play with your little girl. I miss you, and I love you.
Elf, Dwarf and Orc are among the "Race" components, but there are also an assortment of options for alignment and class.  A plethora of different scents can be made from all of these components, just like a plethora of characters types can be made. Each different component has a brief description of what it has to offer.  Building a scent seems a lot like gourmet cooking in a lot of ways.  Each component bottle is 5ml and costs $17.50.

This is strange, but I'm sure it can also be a lot of fun to the right person.  Though somewhat pricey it could be a great gift for the geek girl in your life. 

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First D&D Pop and now D&D perfume. What is next?

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