Mortal Kombat Legacy Web Series Begins

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Last June a trailer came out of nowhere for something called, "Mortal Kombat: Rebirth."  At first no one knew what the heck it was about and speculation ran rampant that it was the trailer for a new movie, a new game, or even a television series.  As it turned out none of those were true.  The truth was that it was a pitch to Warner Brothers to make a new MK movie made by would be director of the movie, Kevin Tancharoen.  Ironically it was Tanchareon himself accidently leaked the video, which was never meant to be seen by the public, on YouTube where it blew up, reaching fans around the globe and impressing people over at Warner Bros. 

While he didn't get to make his movie the studio did authorize Tanchareon to make a nine episode web series based on his ideas called Mortal Kombat: Legacy.  Yesterday the series released of its first episode.  Long time fans of Mortal Kombat may notice a good deal of changes, but the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive.  Have a look and decide for yourself!

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