Take a Free Ride on the Iron Throne

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HBO's marketing for Game of Thrones has really kicked into high gear.  They have gone far beyond the convention approach of just television commercials, expanding into some unorthodox, though very cool, methods.

Below is a look at the Game of Thrones "Ice Wall" in LA.  It is massive digital screen that plays a promo that is very hard to miss.  It is big.  It is loud.  It is cool.

On the other coast in NY city you can get take a ride on the Iron Throne.  As pictured below they are giving free rides on these puppies just as long as you can find one.  

Don't worry, they have an entire fleet of these things!

I'm really blown away at HBO's commitment to this show.  They have pulled out all the stops to bring in fans who have never read the books and get them excited.  If, God forbid, the show fails, it won't have been for lack of marketing. 

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