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I wanted to quickly answer a question by one of our readers from yesterday.  Shinobicow wanted to know whether it was possible to make the Hex Globe map depicted on the right into a spinning globe. 

The short answer is yes, it most certainly can be done.  How to do it would require a much longer answer and I am generally terrible at tutorials.   It involves converting your hex map into a smart object and using the animation menu which can be found under the windows menu. 


I had to make a few small modifications to the above map to demonstrate, but here is an example of a spinning globe map made in photoshop.  

I don't make too many animated maps, but if you have taken time to map our an entire world in painstaking detail then why not create a cool spinning globe with it? 

As I said I'm not very good with tutorials, but here is a rundown of the steps you need to take

  • Have your basic map set.
  • Create a new document.
  • In the new document add a new layer and make it a smart object.
  • Double click on the smart object icon in layers pane to begin workin in the object.
  • Drag your original map into the smart object layer.
  • Use the animation menu to move the picture from left to right (or right to left if you prefer)
  • Save the smart object.
  • Turn your map into a globe using the spherize filter (Filter>Distort>Spherize).
  • Use the eliptical marquee tool to select only the globe.
  • Add a layer mask to cover up the non-globe parts
  • Save the project as a Gif using the "Save for Web & Devices Option"
  • Select Forever looping.
  • Save and enjoy.

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That is 100 kinds of awesome. I love it.

June 1, 2011 at 10:50 PM

I did something similar using real world maps (=flattened) for doing spinning globes using some advanced scripting function from Gimp. the worst i had to face was those my inability at that time to make the joints smooth.

see here the two colorfoul items with the width_x_height in name:

November 11, 2016 at 8:08 AM

dated Jan 2009.
(and clicking e-mail notification option this time.)

November 11, 2016 at 8:14 AM

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