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I was poking around the other day and came across this post on a site called From the Sorcerer's Skull, which was new to me.  It had two cool maps, on of Tombstone and one of Deadwood.  The Tombstone map is from a book and very accurately depicts the town at the time, but the Deadwood map was more of thing of art.  It is a very beautiful black and white illustration that sparks the imagination. 

I was at school with some time to kill so I started messing around with the map, giving it some color and a parchmenty feel.  Once I was finished I couldn't help but think that this map would be great for my upcoming Aces & Eights campaign.  

However, since the campaign will be taking place in New Mexico primarily I doubt they will ever get up that way.  Then I figured with a little work I could "file the serial numbers off" the map and re-tittle and re-label it for my own purposes.  I thought I'd share the blank  edited version in case anyone else was similarly inclined.  Please note that I don't own this map.  As I said above, I didn't make it.  So I can't give you permission to use it for X, Y, or Z project.  

A big thanks to Trey over at From the Sorcerer's Skull for sharing!

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Aces & Eights must be on everyone's mind. I'm starting to work my way through the material again with the hopes of running something soon.

November 30, 2011 at 2:16 PM

Hey Dude,

Thanks for post. I love this old map. I was there when I was a kid and it is so much different now from the pictures I have seen. If you pu the modern Y shape layout of Deadwood against this map you can see it all fall into place.

A real find!!!


May 22, 2013 at 6:17 PM

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