A Worthy Kickstarter

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For those unaware here is currently a Kickstarter in progress to create a documentary about Dungeons and Dragons and the people who created it.  I know many of you are probably burnt out from contributing to such awesome kickstarters as Reaper's miniatures bonanza and the Gamers 3 film, but I really feel that this is an important one worthy of every Gamer's time, attention, and money.  

The kickstarter is set to end on Sunday and as of right now it has not reached its goal, though it has made great lengths in the last few days from people getting the word out (specifically Lisa Stevens from Paizo).  Even with its recent surge it has a ways to go so check out the videos below about the story these guys are trying to tell.  I think you'll find you are interested enough to contribute to this movie getting made. 

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