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Recently I was reading Gnome Stew and came across an article about a gaming website called Obsidian Portal. For those who have never visited I sincerely suggest that you do. Obsidian Portal allows people to create a wiki for their campaigns, making information more easily available than ever. I was unsure of how useful a wiki for my D&D campaign would be until I made one.

I am a believer.

Not only is this site great for creating a wiki to archive campaign information, but it is a great tool to use to design campaigns. I started designing one using Obsidian Portal and have found it a great way to build an interesting setting from the ground up, keeping everything perfectly organized.

I am not great with HTML but you really don't have to know any to use the site effectively. On top of offering an amazing service Obsidian Portal is free, at least to a certain extent. Any user can create two campaign wiki's for free. They also have a premium service called Ascendant Membership. Those members enjoy some cool benefits the biggest being an unlimited number of wiki campaigns. You can also upload more maps, attain a higher zoom level on those maps, and you can say goodbye to all those pesky advertisement banners.

In addition to being a great campaign tool players can also use Obsidian Portal to find a group. The tool uses a map of the United States and players can see what groups are in their area. Recently Obsidian Portal has teamed up with Pen & Paper Games to enhance their search feature.

Go on over to Obsidian Portal and I think you will like what you find.

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