Diary of a Gamer: 8/31/2009

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For the last two weeks our characters have been stranded in a small keep besieged by a band of 100 Orcs. Our characters, being heroes for the most part, did our best to prepare the keeps defenses and command the small garrison of troops.

The orcs had a catapult they were using to damage the keep's defenses so we rode out with Tojamo the mage who used his magic to destroy the siege engine while we fought the orcs. After our surprise attack we rode back the keep and recommenced hiding and hoping the orcs would go away. Instead they blew their warhorns and summoned reinforcements. We sent out a running to sneak though their defenses hoping to summon some reinforcements of our own.

But the reinforments did not have time to arrive before the orcs attempted to storm the keep from all sides. It looked as if we would be able to keep them at bay at first, but our lack of many power meant some sections of the wall had to be manned by women and children. Their lack of skill in warefare (and low HP totals) meant that they were completly unable to hold the wall against the orcs. In addition, the orcs had an ogre ally who battered down one of the gates enough for two orcs at a time to get through.

In short, all hell broke lose.

I was fighting on the section of wall with the women and was quickly swarmed by orc after orc. I almost died in a battle with the leader. Fortunetly I was dealing enough damage to knock back the enemies, sending them tumbling back over the wall. Even more fortunate was the fact that our reinforcements finally showed up and tipped the scale of battle in our favor.

We finished off the last of the enemies, healed up, and collected our reward before moving on. Personally I couldn't wait to be well away from that place.

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