Let the Dice Fall Where They May?

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"Let the Dice Fall Where They May" is a popular saying among some gamers.  It is often said by characters in Knight's of the Dinner Table and can also be found numerous times in the 4th edition Hackmaster books.

But I ask you, should we let the dice fall where they may?

What if it means the life of a beloved character?  Two characters?  The whole party?  The Whole campaign?  Is there a line, and if so where is it?  I don't consider any of these easy questions to answer and I don't know that there is any one answer.

I have always been conflicted on the issue.  On the one hand great characters make great games and one doesn't want to go killing a great character.  But on the flip side if there isn't the threat of defeat why even play the game?  Where is the sense of victory, of accomplishment? 

So often these days when I am running a game I try to think what would be fun for me as a player.  I think it's always important to look at the game from both perspectives to ensure the game is fun, not just you, but for your players as well.  When I consider the issue as a player I can tell you that it is difficult to enjoy a game that is too easy.  Just as you don't value treasure as much in a monty haul game, you don't treasure victory or survival in a powder puff game.  I always tell my players that anything they get in my games they can be sure that they earned, and I think that is the way I want to feel when I am on the other end of the screen as well.

I think therein lies the origins of the saying, "Let the Dice Fall Where They May."  It is a game, so the threat of losing has to be there.  Is that to say that I have never spared the life of a character despite the dice?  Of course not.  Every situation is different and once in a while I make a decision not to go by the outcome of the dice for the sake of the game.  But that is the exception, not the rule. The rule is that the Dice Fall Where They May.

Just remember that some rules were meant to be broken.

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