The Utter Destruction of Star Trek... Oh and Star Wars too

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Nearly all Star Trek Movies have been a big pile of steaming crap.  I feel that the truth of that statement is so intrinsic that I'm not even presenting it as opinion, just mere fact.  To say these films were disappointing for the most part would be a woeful understatement. 

There are exceptions of course, Wrath of Khan was good, as was the new Star Trek reboot recently released.  If you look at the rest however there is very little to feel good about.  I once thought that there were far too many flaws in these films for one to point out, but that was until I found RedLetterMedia

RLM has done several Star Trek reviews to date, all of them hilarious, and all of them spot on.  Basically this means that he utterly destroys each movie and those involved in its creation, but I think my favorite part is that the guy is obviously a Star Trek fan.  He loves it and is indignant about what those entrusted with the franchise have done it it.

Here is part 1 of his review of everyone's favorite Star Trek film... Generations.

Now all these reviews are completely hilarious, but you'll have to put up with some bizarre humor as he talks about being a redneck, pizza rolls, killing his wife in a car accident, and keeping prostitutes tied up in his basement.  Weird, I know.  But they are only brief distractions from the humor and truth in each review.

In addition to Generations he has review First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis.  You can see all of his reviews on his youtube channel.  There is also a 2 part review for Avatar that can be found there, as well as probably the most ridiculously funny review I have ever seen, his review of Star Wars Episode 1.

His Episode 1 review is long and detailed.  How long?  Try a whopping 70 minutes long!  Believe me it is worth it.  Here is part 1 of 7 to wet your appetites.

After having verbally bashed Episode 1 into the ground RLM now sets its sites on Episode II: Attack of the Clones.  Though no release date has been given it has been said over at the RLM website that the review is coming soon.

I'll be sure and update you when it becomes available.  Until then enjoy!

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His Trek reviews are priceless! Love this

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