Game of Thrones Trailer and Photos

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HBO played a short spot on their upcoming adaptation for A Game of Thrones. Have a look!

I loved the look at the Ned and Cat's discussion of him going South.  Kit Harington as Jon Snow continues to look awful to me.  I'm sure he is a good actor, that isn't what I mean.  I am speaking solely about the way he looks.  Jon is perhaps my favorite character so I really hope they don't mess him up on the show.  Only time will tell.  Everything else looks great.

Speaking of great, here are some amazing photos that HBO has released...

There are so many great pictures in there that I hardly know where to start.  My top three would probably be the Picture of Jamie (now HIM they got right), the last picture of Tyrion (probably from the Highroad fight scene), and the picture of Ned with Arya.

Tonight HBO is going to be running a big Game of Thrones promo.  The fifteen minute preview is going to air at 8:45PM right before the season finale of Boardwalk Empire.  No doubt there will be a wealth of new material shown there, so don't miss it!

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John Morrow  

I could recognize Cersei, Tyrion, Robert, and Daenerys without looking at the picture names to see which character they were supposed to be. Jaime is good casting, too. The Starks/Jon Snow, on the other hand, don't really match my mental images of them (particularly Arya and Sansa), but I suppose I could learn to like them.

November 28, 2010 at 11:28 AM

My wife is yelling "F U" at every actor except Dinklage - they're all horribly miscast, looking nothing like what she imagines. She is going to hate this show, and that means I gotta hear it the whole time! :]
"Where's you're effing horn, Boromir?!" However, Richard Kiel as Hodor could salvage this train-wreck... ;]

November 28, 2010 at 10:42 PM
John Morrow  

Tom, tell your wife to look at the bright side. If they release seasons of the show at the same frequency as they've been releasing the books, they'll have to recast everyone (particularly the children) after a season or two because they will all have aged so much, they wont' be right for their roles. ;)

November 29, 2010 at 12:01 AM

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