George Martin Falls Ill: A Dance With Dragons Suffers Another Delay

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As I posted recently, I am fairly sure that GRRM was sure that he would complete his fifth in his incredible "A Song of Ice and Fire' series by the end of the year and had every intention of making that exciting announcement at a signing in LA on January 9th.  

Unfortunately now that won't happen. 

Mr. Martin was brought to the Hospital on Christmas Eve due to an infection, and received treatment there for over a week.  I'm sure this is doubly frustrating for Martin who, I'm sure, is just as eager to finish his book as fans are to read it.  To add to the frustration, he has for years head people claim that he would, "Pull a Robert Jordan" and die before finishing his series.  Something I'm sure he is tired of hearing.

Fortunately it seems that George received good care and is well his way to making a full recovery.  Unfortunately this is another set back, but make no mistake people... This book is very close to completion and when he is able I have no doubt GRRM will return to working on it diligently.  

Faith, everyone!   

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Glad to hear he's okay. I love this series. Can't wait for the HBO version.

January 5, 2011 at 10:54 PM

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