Night of the Zombie King - Season Finale

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NOTZK - Episode 6: The Awakening

Jaz and Brian team up to take on Darkmoon while Hicks and Danny nurse their injured characters. As morning approaches, Martin makes a critical decision to keep the group together.

written by: David Nett, Rick Robinson & Andrew R. Deutsch
directed by: Rick Robinson
cinematography by: Andrew R. Deutsch
edited by: Rick Robinson & David Nett
featuring: James Ellis Lane, Maxwell Glick, Brian Majestic, Jonathan Nail, Stephanie Thorpe
production staff & crew: Matthew Arevalo, Jamie Blair, Maria Deutsch, Rob Gokee, Joey Harris, Mike Horton, Ashley F. Miller, Shannon Nelson, Sean Oakley, Ed Robinson, Chad Schnaible, Justin Waggle, James Paul Xavier

Episode 6 is the season finale for Night of the Zombie King. The ending comes much, much too soon for me. NotZK really lived up to the hype. I don't know if the creators of GOLD plan to continue with these characters or the ones from season 1, but I really hope they opt to stay with the Zombie King characters. Yes, they may have taken a large leap in resolving both their in game and out of game issues, but you can't fix your whole life in a night and the Zombie King is still out there!

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