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For those of you who missed it we are giving away a free custom map.  Entry into the drawing is easy and takes only seconds.  If you win we will make you a custom map to your specifications and send it to you digitally.  All the details of how to enter and how the contest works can be viewed here.

The reason for this update is because I have gotten several emails from people who did not read the whole post and got very upset at how "unfair" the contest was because they were not given time to enter.  People, the contest is not over.  People are allowed to enter right up until the drawing which isn't until next week.  Just follow the entry rules found on the original post and you will be entered in with everyone else for the drawing.  

So spread the word... The Contest is still open!
We really appreciate the interest and are looking forward to the project.  Best of luck to everyone! 

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