Saturday Links: Dungeon & Dragons Through the Ages

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We've previously made some comparisons here about what D&D was in the past and what it is today by examining the game's television commercials.  Well some other sites have been doing some great work at looking at D&D through the ages and they form this week's Saturday Links.  

1d8 takes an awesome statistical view of D&D's principal warrior, the Fighter, though the various editions.  The article is mainly quantitative and shows some really great analysis.  How many more Goblins can a 3rd edition fighter kill than a 1st edition fighter?  Click on the link and find out!

What generation D&D player are you?  Cyclopeatron does a great job defining six separate generations so you can easily find where you fit in gaming history.   I'm fourth generation... Thanks 2nd Edition!

Newbie DM takes a look at where D&D is at present and where it might be going in the near future

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