A Couple of Hackmaster Notes

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As the title says, there are a couple of quick, but very important, bits of Hackmaster news that have come out in the last few days. First, the Hacklopedia of Beasts has finally cleared customs and is currently at the KenzerCo offices being sorted and shipped! I'd guess that they're going to start showing up on people's doorstep sometime between Monday and Wednesday of next week, so look for my official review of the product a few days after that. I'm hoping to have the book in my hands and the review out by Friday, but that's mostly going to depend on when I get it.

The second piece of news is that the pre-order for the Player's Handbook is now up! They're doing it the same way they did the pre-order of the HOB, meaning that if you pay for the full price of the book now, you'll get the book when it comes out as well as a PDF copy today. It should be noted that the current PDF release is a very, very early Alpha version, and doesn't yet contain the complete rules. However, when you pre-order you get the right to download every version of the PDF, from the current Alpha version all the way to the RC (Release Copy) version. Also, if you're the type of person who likes to get involved, there's a thread on the KenzerCo forum where you can give suggestions about layout, rules clarifications, and the like. KenzerCo, as a company, is truly great about listening to it's fans and making changes when appropriate. Plus, if you've ever wanted to get your name on the inside cover of an RPG core book, this is your chance.

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We're rolling with 4E right now out of expediency more than anything, but if Hackmaster Advanced were complete, released and available, there would be no question as to what our group would be running.

Here's hoping the PH preorder status indicates a short wait.

August 11, 2011 at 9:47 PM

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