2012 Custom Map Giveaway!!!

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We've been having some technical difficulties here over the past few days both with our feed and our site.  I think they've all been resolved, but if anyone encounters further problems please email me directly using the "email us" scroll on the right.

Because of said technical difficulties I wanted to re-post about our 2012 Custom Map Giveaway.

From the original post:

Have you ever wanted to have a great digital version of your campaign map but lacked the skill and know-how to translate your vision into reality?  Well we at the Labyrinth are here to help one lucky person make their dream come true!  That's right we are going to give away a free custom made map to one of our lucky readers.  Our rules are slightly different than last year's contest, so please read carefully.

Entry to this contest is simple.  There are only thee requirements: 
  1. You comment on this post stating that you want to enter the contest and describing the subject of the map that you want (world, kingdom, dungeon, town, or etc) in 100 words or less.  
  2. You must be a follower of this blog when you Enter via Comment
  3. We must have a way to contact you (Since you are a follower this is pretty simple, just don't disable every means of contacting you!)

It really is that simple!  Entry will be open for one week at which time we will select the best entry and furnish one lucky person with a great custom map.

So now you are probably asking yourself, "What if I win?  How is this going to work?"  Well if you are our winner we will contact you through your Google profile.  You then have five days to respond and accept your prize.  That's when the fun begins!  Communication will take place back and forth so that we get an idea of  what the map should look like, what colors to use, name locations, etc.  We will furnish the winner with working versions leading up to the final version to make sure we are on the right track and the winner is happy with the progress.

The map will be the property of the winner with the artist(s) retaining the right to display them in their portfolio only.  Finally, we will show the finished version (with watermark) on this site so everyone can see how it came out.

To enter the contest please make your submission in the comments section of the original post.  Best of luck to all!

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