Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailer

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This trailer actually premiered on Sunday, but for some reason I haven't been able to post it.  It's a short teaser that features a cool voice over from Stannis.

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This trailer was good but I heard that HBO rejected two that were great and amazing. Maybe they did not want us in too much anticipation yet, or maybe those will come in the next three months. I am already excited to see what new onslaught of characters they will throw at us this season; we can only hope that one of them helps Joffrie’s meet a pike at some point. The only bummer that comes from not reading the books is it leaves me blind to what is going to happen. I would rather wait to read the books until the series ends so I can give the series a fair chance before criticizing what they left out. Now that I have seen the trailer, I am thinking of watching season one again just to refresh my head with everything that happened and everyone they killed off but luckily, HBO is nice enough to have them all available to subscribers. It used to be just on HBO GO, or on DISH online for me, but now my DISH remote access app has been updated to watch all HBO content on demand on my iPad no matter where I am, so that will come in handy since I use that app daily. Also working nights at DISH, I can stay caught up without having to wait until I get home since HBO posts episodes right after they air.

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